Session Number: DL12
Session Time: DL Mon 3:45
Session Type: One Hour
Program Title: Managing Life & Personal Learning Environments
Program Description: As technology continues to infiltrate our everyday lives, what can the conscientious classroom teacher, administrator or technology integration coach do to create balance in their everyday life? Discuss strategies for seamlessly integrating and managing technology in professional and personal lives, while maintaining a balance in the unconnected world.
Affiliated Organization: Wayne Highlands School District/ PAECT/KTI
Session Location: Hershey Lodge
Room: Empire C
Presenter: Lori Sheldon
Strand(s): Professional Development/Teacher Preparation Technology Directions/Trends: Issues, Innovations, and Research

Discussion Questions

How have you worked to manage information overload?
What techniques have you used to maintain personal relationships?
How do you integrate your online and offline lives?
How can you ensure you don't miss out on something offline/in real life by being online?
How do we help our students manage in a web 2.0 world?

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