Managing Life and Personal Learning Environments in the 21st Century

Presented by:

  • Scott Snyder, West Shore SD

  • Lori Sheldon, Wayne Highlands SD

  • Brandon Lutz, School District of Philadelphia

As educators have encountered an ever increasing amount of technology and have begun building personal learning networks that connect them to a wider base of people outside of their face to face lives through blogs, Nings, wikis and twitter, many have experienced difficulties in managing the new sources of learning with their day to day life. From information overload to pressure from spouses or partners at home, how can one learn to navigate life in these networks and maintain their personal relationships so that the technology and connections don't take over? This session will be led by a diverse group of presenters who have all experienced these challenges. Directed questions will guide a discussion designed to pull strategies from real life situations into the open for those struggling to balance their digital life with their face to face life. Given the power of the network in dealing with pedagogical issues, what can the network do to help its members deal with this management problem?

Join us as we lead a discussion using a series of directed questions in order to draw on the experiences of session participants for managing life in the new era of technology integration. Virtual attendees will be invited to share their thoughts via a backchannel discussion group.

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